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Customized Site Packaging (CSP)

What is? 
QuadraTel has identified that in parallel with any cellular operators goal on subscribers base, there is a pressing need to grow coverage and capacity by way of continuously building more and more BTS sites, either outdoors or indoors.
This requires the operator and its' contractors to ensure that projects are executed as planned. However life has shown us that the previous statement is rather utopian, because among other things, project delay is some times due to material unavailability.
Realizing this fact, QuadraTel is developing a methodology of project logistics for Antenna Line elements, as an effort to ensure availability of materials, anytime and anywhere. This methodology is called Customized Site Packaging or CSP.

To enable the CSP to work, there are two processes that are considered pre-requisites:

Standardization and Site-Models

With the help from our principals, we are able to suggest some antenna line components needed, based on the selection criteria aforementioned. These components, has been widely used by major telecommunications vendor throughout their cellular projects, either macro-cell or micro-indoor. This is the stage when we require cooperation from customers engineering and planning department.
The Standardization process will select the most appropriate antenna-line components, which are: Antennas, Coaxial Cables, Connectors, Ancillaries and RF components, i.e.: signal splitters, tappers/couplers, combiners, etc.

Another important thing to consider is that there is a requirement of an active interaction between us and our customer, particularly with the project planner, in producing a forecast of which site-model is required within the project schedule. As this Forecast based on the agreed Site-Models, it is then necessary to work the project schedule based on them.

CSP Implementation
After all processes has resulted a commonly agreed terms and conditions, we will initiate CSP implementation by common logistics procedure. All materials will be organized based on the agreed Site-Models, and preparation for the materials shall be based on the Forecast.
The organizing of materials will be in the form of "bulk packages" for any given site model, to be delivered to any given sites. The package can consist of:

  • Specific package containing antennas
  • Cable Reels
  • Installation components (connectors, clamps, weather-proofing, jumpers, etc.)
  • and Specific signal manipulating components (combiners, couplers, etc.).

There are many benefits that can be obtained by applying the CSP methodology onto customer's project execution, some of them are as follows:

  • Relieving burden from customer's procurement/purchasing department
  • No need to allocate dedicated resource for project logistics (manpower, warehousing, etc.)
  • CSP Logistics schedule shall assist project managers in ensuring that antenna line materials are ready in time of installation activity
  • CSP Standardization shall relieve customer's engineering from having to be bothered by details of Antenna Line component selections
  • CSP Increases efficiency of material usage by only delivering the needed materials based on Site-Models
  • CSP Forecast can avoid project delays due to lack of Antenna Line materials
  • Cost effectiveness, since materials are used based on site models. Thus there are only little, if not any is wasted
  • Time effectiveness, readily available material locally and if required, can be delivered on-site