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On-Site Support and Maintenance (OSSM)

What  is?
In a high demanding environment of GSM mobile it is very important that the operator can maintain a competitive edge against its nearest rivals by providing a seamless network quality, however as more and more sites are becoming active the same can be said that more and more sites require having constant maintenance especially on the elements that are performing under the harsh outdoor environment.
On-Site Support and Maintenance (OSSM) service ensures the customer that there invested network elements are being maintained to provide maximum return. OSSM provides planned and scheduled on-site support for predefined O & M (Operations and Maintenance) activities. The level of support is structured to be flexible in that there are two forms of service supports, which can be utilised, the service can be either:

  • a support-on-demand or
  • a long-term service contract

Three Key Tasks

  1. Preventive Maintenance: This tasks involves making routine visits on site and completing a site inspection check sheet to insure that the potential risk of the site not performing or worse causing damage to the very expensive and sensitive electronic components.
  2. Configuration Support: The growing, living network requires to have constant modification to fine tune and improve the network performance. Under this task, our staff will assist the customers cell planners and / or O&M with the required planned physical modifications.
  3. Fault Management: this task is the support required to rectify a known agreed fault.



The benefits of the On Site Support and Maintenance is the assurance that the network elements is getting a high level of care that it requires in order that the element can perform to its maximum capability thus providing a maximum return.

With Preventive Maintenance the small initial investment can lead to substantial financial benefits, for:

  • Cell Sites remain performing at peak performance
  • Risk potential of sites becoming inactive is greatly reduced
  • End user perception of network quality is maintained.

With Configuration Support task, the customer can develop the quality of their network operations and network performance to higher levels, thus improving end user satisfaction and also maintaining and improving their competitive position.

A fast response team for corrective actions are dedicated to the customer, the 24x7 team with a substantial stock of material will be assigned to be ready for repair of cell sites, which fall under the Fault Management task.