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Turnkey Project Management

QuadraTel offers turnkey solutions to our clients network design and deployment needs. Our services include:

  • survey and engineering design
  • site acquisition (SITAC)
  • tower construction
  • civil, mechanical and electrical (CME)
  • line and antenna installation
  • project management.

QuadraTel provides a site development manager and team of professionals to manage all aspects of the site development and construction process; from initial site assessments to final site acceptance. Working with the customer's engineers and project deployment personnel, our site development team ensures on time, on budget completion of wireless infrastructure projects through close coordination with QuadraTel and customer project managers, technical experts, construction subcontractors, as well as regulatory and governing agencies.

These turnkey site development services benefit clients by reducing coordination and communication problems associated with hiring multiple contractors. To ensure maximum efficiency, QuadraTel customers are guaranteed consistent project management and a seamless transition throughout each phase of the project. QuadraTel has the resources required to meet aggressive timeline goals and is flexible in partnering with companies locally to complement its capabilities. QuadraTel comprehensive sites development and construction services meet or exceed industry standards.